Transformative Education

The Transformative Education Network is a consortium of educational leaders that are striving together to alter common beliefs about education that continue to dominate the lives of young people. We are laying the foundation of a movement that will define schooling as a transformative process.

what it is

Transformative education leads to personal growth, a profound sense of compassion,  a cohesive community, and environmental sustainability. The transformative school cultivates an authentic sense of selfhood and belonging, with a focus on relationships, responsive to each person’s unique needs. The academic program supports expressions of positive social change, as well as an attitude of ecological responsibility.


Key markers

  • collaborative experience and active contemplation throughout the learning process
  • authentic relationships of trust and belonging among students, staff, parents
  • intellectual and academic pursuits valued as vehicles for transformation
  • explicit practices for developing self awareness among teachers and leaders 
  • teacher self-care as a foundation of student growth
  • multiple opportunities embedded in program for quiet personal reflection
  • supportive, respectful, and open use of power for the good of the whole
  • language of peace, democratic values, and learning
  • organizational culture that follows clear purpose in all its practices
  • collective feelings of happiness and well being

Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself.

 - John Dewey